Coordination of academic events

The 26th Annual Symposium for Music Scholars in Finland

The symposium was held in Jyväskylä 4-6.5.2022. The theme of the year was “Music and Connection”, aiming to unite researchers to explore and examine the diverse ways in which music can open and enable as well as obstruct and discourage connections.

Yliopistopäivät 2018

Yliopistopäivät (The University Day) in 2018 had a theme addressing perspectives of arts and creativity, and introduced the activities of the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies to both our academic community and wider audience.

Art, Mind & Experience symposium (2017)

Art, Mind & Experience symposium was held at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, on November 1-2 2017. This first international meeting of the SMA (Science of Mind and Art) network brought together some of the leading scholars from psychology and neuroscience to different disciplines of art.

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The 21st Annual Symposium for Music Scholars in Finland (2017)

The 21st Annual Symposium for Music Scholars: Back to the Future of Music Research (19.–24-4-2017) brought together music researches from all around Finland. The invited keynote speakers were Professor Nicola Dibben (University of Sheffield), Professor Martin Clayton (Durham University), and Professor Sabine Feisst (Arizona State University).

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